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Terrible West – A legend in the cheating Game.

Football – European Football Partizan chief: Taribo West ’12 years older’ than we thought Players lying about their age isn’t new – but trimming 12 years off your date of birth? Step forward Taribo West. Former Nigeria defender Taribo West, who played for Internazionale and Derby County among other clubs, has been accused of lying about his age. West, who retired in 2008, is listed as 39 years old today in his Wikipedia profile, but former Partizan Belgrade president Zarko Zecevic, says he has already passed the age of 50. The defender joined the club in 2002, leaving two years later. But despite the enormous gap between West’s stated age and his alleged actual age, Zecevic says he is still glad that he signed the player. “He joined us saying he was 28. We only later found out he was 40, but he was still playing well so I don’t regret having him on the team,”’ Zecevic said. West, Croatian media reports claim, also then tried to join Rijeka some years later, saying he was 32, but was in fact 44 at the time. He did not sign for them, but had a brief spell at Plymouth and finished his career in Iran at Paykan FC, by which time, if Zecevic is correct, West would have been 46. West was part of Nigeria’s Olympic gold-medal winning football team of 1996. Several members of that squad, including Nwankwo Kanu and Jay-Jay Okocha, have been accused of being many years older than officially stated. Eurosport – Toby Keel 11 comments Your Comment 11. fcx19832 I think it’s not difficult to tell the age. Martins isn’t 40 and probably could be a year or 2 older but u can’t escape the scrutiny from first impressions 8 hours ago 10. PaRa::: Eurosport have to rely on Wikipedia for facts now? Sad really….. 9 hours ago 9. PaRa::: I can see passed the fact he lied about his age simply because he performed well and that older players are judged more harsh if they don’t perform well. What I can’t get passed is his ridiculous hair and the lack of research Eurosport actually does 9 hours ago 8. uwaigbe @3 even if he did,why is the dude coming up with this now?what is he to profit from this ?? 10 hours ago 7. gooner__ @3 you need help mate 10 hours ago See all comments


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