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The Lady from Montana

A thought provoking read on the bravery and utmost conviction of a congress woman.

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“I want to stand by my country, but I cannot vote for war.”
— Jeannette Rankin, Representative from Montana, during 1917 vote

“If I had known you were going to vote against it, I might have had the courage.”
— James Mann, House Minority Leader, speaking to Jeannette Rankin after 1917 vote

I don’t have heroes anymore. Maybe my expectations were too high, and the resulting disillusionment was too much to take. Or maybe I chose people who weren’t all that heroic to begin with. Whatever the reason, I seem to have outgrown the concept.

Still, there are people I admire and respect, and who demonstrate a human trait that I wish I had – or who, through their example, help me see that I have the trait after all, and give me the courage to develop it.

Jeannette Rankin is one of those people. She was born in 1880…

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